What We Do

You are shocked by what has been found online. You know that something has to be done, but aren’t sure what to do.

Reputation Advocate empowers you by taking time to explain how the negative content has ended up so visible. We set the technical, complex aspects of your project aside and give you straightforward answers about what can be done.

Reputation Advocate understands that there are no cookie cutter solutions – your online issues are unique to you, and the solution has to be structured to address your issues. Because the details matter, Reputation Advocate delivers live support from experienced advocates, develops intelligent, original content crafted for your business or vocation, and you review and approve everything. But you don’t have to become an expert in order to get the results that experts provide.

Reputation Advocate confronts the attacks that come from your competitors, evaluates potential legal action through its legal partners, speaks on your behalf and delivers results. When you partner with Reputation Advocate, all of the digital assets created – websites, blogs, forum sites, social sites, profile sites and rating sites – are your property and you have that in writing. We work for you. When a project is completed you can choose to carry on without the need for further monthly fees or remain with us. You decide.

Working together, we systematically take control of how you are presented to the public and develop your online identity. You don’t have to live with the Internet’s propensity to keep outdated news alive forever. Court proceedings, pictures, reviews and outright lies can be set aside and you can stop looking over your shoulder. You take back control over what dominates the online conversation about you.

We understand the need for confidentiality and discretion and respect your privacy. Our business is built on trust. Online reputation defense and management … it’s all we do.


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