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Never hesitant to pursue his dreams, Ron D. Smith has eagerly taken on new challenges and successfully experienced a broad range of careers. His résumé reads like a Who’s Who of the publishing and entertainment worlds.

Ron-D-Smith-SquareRon D. Smith began his career while studying at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. Working with US Bankcard, Ron D. Smith gained experience both in business and finance. This position also gave Ron D. Smith experience in telemarketing, allowing him to work with area businesses that included the American Heart Association.

Immediately following this opportunity, Ron D. Smith took the initiative to create a variety of projects, several of which were very successful. This led to a partnership between Ron D. Smith and other innovators to create McSpadden-Smith Music, a firm that eventually partnered with Broadway Video. The partnership with a company that produces television shows like Saturday Night Live was a huge milestone for Ron D. Smith, leading to further partnerships for McSpadden-Smith Music. One of those partnerships was with a very successful business at the time, Blockbuster Music. Through his relationship with Blockbuster Music, Ron D. Smith vastly increased sales for Christian music within the company.

When Golden Books bought Broadway Video in 1996, Ron D. Smith was ready to tackle a new challenge. Soon after, Ron D. Smith oversaw the sale of the music division to Music and Media International. According to Ron D. Smith, at that time the music division had a catalog that included some of the biggest names in the business, including Amy Grant, Faith Hill, and Vince Gill.

Since the sale of the music division, Ron D. Smith has served as a consultant and facilitator to several companies that have included Classic Media, which now owns the popular VeggieTales series. Smith also co-founded book publishing company Freeman-Smith, which has realized sales of more than 500 different titles. Freeman-Smith products were sold at major retailers like Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart until the company was sold to Worthy Publishing, for whom Smith still works as a consultant. Recently accepting a position as President of Reputation Advocate, Ron D. Smith has entered the global online media space anxious to jump the gap from analog to digital media.

With a focus on Digital Branding, Ron D. Smith will helm the company’s efforts through affiliate distribution relationships both domestically as well as in targeted European markets. Approaching online reputation management holistically with the understanding that every person has a digital identity whether he or she intends to or not, Smith leads Reputation Advocate’s global market expansion to serve client demand for professional assistance with authoritative positive online content for both corporations and individuals.

A family man by nature, Ron D. Smith lives in Tennessee with his family. He enjoys traveling both for work and for pleasure.

Ron D. Smith

Ron D. Smith

President at Reputation Advocate
Ron D. Smith serves as President of Reputation Advocate. He brings more than two decades of global media experience in business development, media development and global expansion. His perspectives on digital online services, SEO and multi-channel media development offer corporate clients a wholistic approach to branding and both online and off-line reputation management.
Ron D. Smith
Ron D. Smith

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