Privacy Policy

Reputation Advocate understands the importance of protecting relationships and information, and therefore, privacy is taken seriously. Reputation Advocate is committed to protecting privacy and earning the trust of its clients and respects their right to keep personal information confidential and to avoid unwanted solicitations. Therefore Reputation Advocate believes it is important to understand how we use the information provided to us through the normal course of business. This privacy policy discloses the details of what information we collect as well as how we use that information. We may revise this privacy policy from time-to-time by updating the information posted on this web site. Amendments to the privacy policy will be effective when posted. You should therefore periodically visit this page to review the current privacy policy, so that you are aware of any such revisions.

Information Collection

Reputation Advocate collects and stores information about people in order to quote and service its transactions, advisory services and programs. This information allows us to better manage information and administer relationships. Some of the information is called “Nonpublic Personal Information,” which generally means information that is provided by an individual, corporation or agency, obtained by Reputation Advocate, or that results from Reputation Advocate transactions. It does not include information available to the general public. The type of information that Reputation Advocate collects varies according to the transactions or services requested and may include:

General Information

Reputation Advocate may receive this type of information from inquiries or other forms, by phone and online. Initiating any process constitutes consent for Reputation Advocate to use the information as described in this policy. This information includes, but is not limited to:

Name, address, and telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, and gender;

The specific nature of the issue, posting or content that needs to addressed. This information, and related questions, helps us screen and evaluate your request, and provides you with a proposal or allows us to initiate advisory services;

Bank account information to allow for the electronic transfer funds or other form of payment.

Transaction Information

If you are a Reputation Advocate client who subscribes to any of its services, then Reputation Advocate may collect and store additional information about you and/or your company. Such information is generated through transactions with Reputation Advocate, its affiliates, marketing organizations, third party service providers, or others. This information includes, but is not limited to:

Personal information to be used as content for services;

Information you provide to Reputation Advocate to establish one or more individual or business relationships, contact, or billing information provided through online or paper forms;

Information created and maintained by Reputation Advocate for its clients in order to maintain services and provide superior client service. Examples include account status, choice of services, and reports;

Information related to a transaction that is saved within applications or forms maintained by Reputation Advocate. This information is stored within the Reputation Advocate databases in order to provide the requested services:

Non-personally identifying statistical Information about a visit to the web site(s), including Reputation This information is compiled to allow Reputation Advocate to improve its web site design and to determine the relative importance of its services. The information collected in this manner includes:

Date and time content was accessed;

The referring website visited before the Reputation Advocate web site;

The domain name and IP (Internet protocol) address from which the Reputation Advocate site was accessed;

The operating system and web browser used to access content;

The specific pages viewed during a visit; and

City, state, and country of the visitor’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) (if available) for demographic purposes.

Use of Cookies – From time-to-time, Reputation Advocate may use “cookies” within its web site pages. Cookies are small pieces of information about a visit stored on a computer’s hard disk. Cookies are commonly used to store information about a last visit, such as selections made while navigating the web site, non-personal technical information listed above, or browsing patterns. Most Internet browsers now support cookies. Many of them allow users to disable cookies. However, cookies are often required to provide features within many web sites. Examples of Reputation Advocate’s use of cookies includes saving information that will allow the Reputation Advocate Contact Information Form to pre-fill name, phone number, and e-mail address based on a previously submitted request.

Information provided to Reputation Advocate through its web site via online forms and applications, such as services request forms, applications, or web site messages to Reputation Advocate. For instance, one web site message form collects an interested party’s first and last name, address, e-mail, and phone number. This information may be used to initiate advisory services or consultation.

Information Use within the Reputation Advocate website

Reputation Advocate uses the information collected for the following purposes:

To improve services – Reputation Advocate analyzes some of the information collected in order to improve services. Studying how visitors use the web site and its services provides valuable insight into how Reputation Advocate can make them more useful and easier to use.

Providing superior support, administration, reporting, client service and maintaining relationships – the information collected allows Reputation Advocate to respond to needs more quickly.

To provide information about new or enhanced services – by understanding how services are utilized, Reputation Advocate can offer the opportunity to review other services that may be of value.

To send marketing material related to new Reputation Advocate services as they become available. Note that the ability to opt out of this is provided as outlined below.

Sharing Information with Others

First and foremost, Reputation Advocate NEVER sells lists or Nonpublic Personal Information to third parties; however, such information may be disclosed to others as permitted by law. Generally, this includes disclosures to third parties that are necessary to affect, administer or service a transaction with Reputation Advocate, or in connection with servicing a client. These third parties may include, but are not limited to, researchers, programmers, copywriters and SEO professionals. Reputation Advocate will not disclose information obtained from consumer reporting agencies without the client’s consent.

Reputation Advocate may also disclose information to people and companies that perform support services with which we may have joint agreements. The purpose of this is to inform the client of other products or services jointly offered, endorsed, or sponsored by Reputation Advocate, and that Reputation Advocate believes the client may find useful. Reputation Advocate is highly selective in choosing these companies, and restricts the information provided to only what they need to offer and administer these services. Reputation Advocate also requires them to comply with strict standards of security and confidentiality, and they are not permitted to release, use, or transfer any client information to any other party for their own purposes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Reputation Advocate may disclose and/or transfer client information (i) in connection with any merger, sale, or liquidation of all or part of the company; (ii) if disclosure is required pursuant to a request for specific client information to comply with a subpoena, court order, and/or other legal instrument, legal proceeding or relevant law, or (iii) if there is an immediate, imminent threat to the safety of any person, Reputation Advocate or its web site.

Information Confidentiality and Security

Reputation Advocate is committed to preventing others from unauthorized access to Nonpublic Personal Information, and maintains procedures and technology designed for this purpose. Reputation Advocate takes several steps to protect Nonpublic Personal Information including the following:

Reputation Advocate updates and tests its technology on a regular basis in order to improve the protection of client information.

Reputation Advocate requires outside companies and independent contractors to whom we provide Nonpublic Personal Information for marketing, servicing, or processing purposes to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement that restricts the use of the information to those purposes and prohibits independent use of the information.

Reputation Advocate has internal procedures that limit access to Nonpublic Personal Information, such as procedures that require an employee to have a business need to access such information. Reputation Advocate may maintain policies and conduct employee training about the proper physical security of workplaces and records. Employees are required to comply with Client Information privacy principles, policies and procedures, or be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

Reputation Advocate makes use of hardware and/or software firewalls to protect Nonpublic Personal Information from unauthorized access.

Information Integrity Measures

Reputation Advocate also strives to protect the integrity of its clients Nonpublic Personal Information, and other client-related information, through use of the following:

Maintaining regular backups of client data in case of data loss or corruption;

The use of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to prevent data loss during power spikes and power outages; and

The use of virus detection and elimination software to prevent corruption of client data by viruses. Despite these measures, however, Reputation Advocate cannot guarantee that Nonpublic Personal Information will be completely free from unauthorized access.

Client Opt Out, Update Personal Information, and Privacy Questions

Clients may opt out of receiving notices of new or upgraded services from Reputation Advocate and its partners by sending an opt out request to info@Reputation In your request, please include your name services (if any) provided through Reputation Advocate, your contact information, and the nature of your opt out request. Clients may not opt out, however, of receiving information from Reputation Advocate that is essential for maintaining or updating accounts or system information. In addition, opt out does not include updates that may be presented within other Reputation Advocate online services. Clients may review their personal information or communication provided to them in regards to their relationship with Reputation Advocate. Presently, there is no online database that connects to the Reputation website that allows for online review. To verify and/or change personal information please contact Reputation Advocate through any of the following:

Reputation Advocate
Attn: Administrative Services
2550 Meridian Blvd, Suite 350
Franklin, TN 37067

Phone: 888-229-0746

If you have additional questions related to the privacy of your information or privacy practices, please contact Reputation Advocate online or through the above contact information.



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