Corporate Reputation Management

“And so we live in a universe of new media with phenomenal opportunities for worldwide communications and research — but populated by volunteer vandals with poison-pen intellects. Congress has enabled them and protects them.”

(Founding editor of USAToday, Journalist John Seigenthaler, in his endorsement of the book Violated Online by Reputation Advocate Managing Director Steven Wyer)

Corporate reputation management involves all aspects of an organization’s public persona. With that in mind, there is an ever-increasing focus on online corporate reputation management in this interconnected age. Both private and public companies now find themselves in need of online corporate reputation management. What was once limited to traditional print and electronic media requires sophisticated strategies taking into consideration all aspects of the global Internet. Now more than ever, senior management, officers and directors realize that corporate reputation management can make or break a company’s bottom line. A company’s online reputation can increase or hinder sales, attracting or hindering investment and business partners, employees, contractors and personal relationships.

Corporate reputation management has the ability to influence legislators and regulators–literally to touch every audience. Recent changes in privacy law now allow search results found online to influence loan underwriting, E&O rates and insurance underwriting. Utilizing pro-active strategies for a company’s online presence can materially impact a profit/loss statement. Corporate reputation management is needed then, not only for public and consumer perception but also for the foundational aspects of corporate business. offers evaluation, monitoring, analysis, and correction through corporate reputation management to specifically address the unique challenges presented by the Internet. Corporations can now protect brands, products and personal utilizing online corporate reputation management. Content posted online by competitors, unscrupulous customers and former employees can now be addressed professionally though a corporate reputation management game plan that responds with sophisticated approaches to build a solid wall of protection.

Corporate Reputation Management: How it Works

Reputation Advocate utilizes standards and best practices that businesses depend on.

  • Corporate reputation management services to remove or influence unflattering statements. In some (but not all) cases, it is possible to manually request removal or reconsideration of unflattering public statements from blogs, rating and opinion sites and public records.
  • Corporate reputation management services to facilitate the dilution of negative or unflattering statements. When removal of derogatory statements is not possible, Reputation Advocate’s corporate reputation management services can dilute derogatory statements with positive messages about your company.
  • In some cases corporate reputation management services by Reputation Advocate can effectively eliminate derogatory statements by employing search engine optimization to prioritize positive content in search results while pushing derogatory content down to lower pages where it cannot easily be found.
  • Corporate reputation management services complement traditional efforts provided by Investor Relations and publicity firms. Corporate reputation management services are not comprehensively offered through many traditional firms and Reputation Advocate works well with such firms.
  • Corporate reputation management services offer a company owner the opportunity to be clearly heard so that responses and statements can be offered.

Corporate Reputation Management and the Bottom Line

Corporate reputation management services offered through Reputation Advocate can deliver all aspects of an organization’s online identity needs. Real time information can influence profits and share prices in a matter of moments. Many companies have developed disaster recovery plans for most aspects of the business. However, overlooking corporate reputation management relating to online search results may be one of the biggest holes found in those plans. Reputation Advocate works with clients and develops solid approaches that take into consideration both industry-specific factors as well as the most visible online media sources that may deliver either a positive or negative benefit when something happens.

Corporate public records can also offer more information than may be desired. Corporate reputation management services help to address exposure created through litigation, court proceedings, and political, charitable and philanthropic activities. Corporate reputation management services enable a client to influence what is found when someone is doing research on a company. Protecting and cloaking public information can deliver real bottom line benefits to clients.

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