Google Suggest

Google Suggest, or as some refer to it, “Auto Complete,” is perhaps the most damaging aspect of any search result presented. Provided as a service bundled into the search bar for all browsers, this drop-down menu of prospective, targeted search terms actually “suggests” popular terms that may match the query an individual is seeking.

Google Suggest results offer what are believed to be the most popular query results, irrespective of the correlation to the actual search. This information is presented in such a way that it carries significant authority in the mind of the individual who is searching for information. While Auto Complete may be helpful to those searching, it can be devastating to both businesses and individuals.

When a search is done for a business, Google Suggest can deliver negative, damaging and slanderous results. When terms such as “fraud,” “dishonest,” law suit” or “scam” are paired in Google Suggest with the name of the company, brand or product, conclusions can be drawn that may not be offset, even when honest, positive, transparent information is provided on page one of the entity’s search results. Google Suggest is a business killer.

Google Suggest results for individuals may even deliver deeper and more shameful wounds from such results. “Arrest”, “Mugshot”, “Lawsuit” or acronyms such as “IRS”, “SEC” or “FBI” imply conduct that can immediately frame search results in a negative light. As such, job interviews, credit facilities, memberships and even friendships can be damaged. Auto-Complete allows for no ability to challenge the terms being delivered. There is currently no legal or court action that has been successful at addressing this issue. Google Suggest is perhaps the most uncontrollable aspect of anyone’s search results–until now.

Reputation Advocate has taken the lead in providing a solution that comprehensively addresses negative Auto Complete results. Google Suggest can be influenced, and the unwanted references associated with your search term can disappear. Now, businesses, brands, individuals and professionals have a solution to this issue. Reputation Advocate stands alone in providing a solution for Google Suggest that cannot be found elsewhere in the industry.

Search results in Google’s Auto-Suggest and Auto Complete can be changed. If you are concerned about the terms appearing in your Auto Suggest results. Contact Reputation Advocate today, and reclaim your good name beginning tomorrow.

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