How Does It Work?

First, we examine whether or not the negative content violates the law and/or guidelines established by the hosting site.

Acting on your behalf, Reputation Advocate may be able to have the content removed. If this is not possible, then we’ll get right to work creating various digital assets that you own – positive, high quality content that presents an honest truthful “you.” The combination of these new sites earns high authority with the search engines and consequently influences page rank. The positive sites overtake the negatives, so you will know in advance what will be found when your name is searched.

There is no silver bullet, but tapping into the science of search engine reputation management provides an absolute solution to most issues. By methodically placing unique content through high value websites, building digital tools and assets that influence search results, and implementing both an immediate and long cycle solution, most concerns can be managed, suppressed or removed completely.

Do not delay! The longer the negative content appears the more difficult it can be to push down.


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