Online Public Relations

Historically, the concept of public relations has primarily focused on gaining exposure through traditional mass media outlets such as television, radio and print. Within the past decade, however, the most effective channel for mass exposure has migrated to online public relations. Here are a few tips relating to online public relations that may assist you when considering media exposure:

  • Online Public Relations does not require that a traditional public relations firm represent your interests.
  • Online Public Relations efforts do not target traditional media outlets for exposure.
  • Online Public Relations benefit from direct contact with readers worldwide.
  • Many of the most successful online public relations efforts have utilized personal blogs as a primary conduit for communication.
  • In addition to blogs, social sites such as Facebook offer broad exposure to friends, colleagues and employees, the people who are most likely to be interested in your efforts. By posting your information on their social sites your exposure will multiply.
  • Negative information found online will erode the impact of your online public relations efforts.
  • Just because positive information is posted to the Internet does not mean that it will be seen by the intended audience.
  • The page ranking of your posted content will be a strong contributor when undertaking online public relations efforts.
  • Online Public Relations nearly always benefits from exposure on sites such as YouTube. Creating content suitable for such sites will elevate your overall exposure.
  • Instant message sites such as Twitter can quickly disseminate the basic message of your online public relations efforts. By tweeting the link to an online article or press release you may gain exposure through several different channels.
  • You may also be able to benefit from free press release distribution sites. This type of exposure lends credibility to online public relations efforts.
  • While you can attempt online public relations efforts on your own, there are professional resources that should probably be considered.
  • Being aware of the most effective tools to utilize for an online public relations effort will accelerate your message.
  • Online public relations results can be very fleeting without professional assistance.
  • Reputation Advocate assists its clients with online public relations as a way to both build and protect their reputations online.

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