Online Reputation Repair

Historically when a person’s reputation was brought into question, resolution could be achieved with dialogue and reason. Over the last fifteen years, however, the Internet has altered the core fabric of our society. It is now necessary to not only establish but also monitor and defend one’s online reputation. Many businesses and professionals now find themselves in need of online reputation repair. Here are some basics to consider when planning your online reputation repair efforts:

  1. Online reputation repair is not a single event but rather a sustained effort undertaken over time.
  2. Online reputation repair should not be attempted in a reactionary way at the time slander is first discovered. Successful online reputation repair requires a methodical plan that has clear goals.
  3. Individuals who are not experienced within the online reputation management field can attempt online reputation repair, however the results may be less than satisfactory.
  4. Successful online reputation repair is dependent on a number of variables, all of which determine the overall result.
  5. Online reputation repair must focus on original, helpful content presented on a number of websites. Recent changes within Google’s core algorithm no longer places value on content that has been copied, duplicated or recycled.
  6. Online reputation repair requires a number of diverse digital assets including blogs, forums, social sites, profile sites and targeted websites, as well as appropriate metatags.
  7. Online reputation repair requires both internal and external backlinks in order to influence Pagerank.
  8. Online reputation repair offers varying degrees of success depending on the number of sites found on the first pages of search results that present negative content.
  9. Without a long-term plan to sustain online reputation repair, results may be only temporary.
  10. Ongoing monitoring is of critical importance when focusing efforts for online reputation repair.

Online reputation repair may be most effective by retaining a firm specializing in such efforts. Reputation Advocate offers such services throughout North America. If you are considering online reputation repair for you as an individual or for your business, we can help. Call us today at 888-229-0746 to discuss how we might assist you with your online reputation repair project.


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