Steven Wyer, Managing Director of Reputation Advocate

Six years ago when Steven Wyer started down the path of online reputation management he would not have believed where the Internet has taken people. Over three decades in conventional business has provided the Managing Director of Reputation Advocate, Inc. a foundation for talking with business owners. However, according to Steven Wyer, understanding technology requires a whole different skill set. “It is a skill set that most business people do not have,” observes Wyer.

Steven C Wyer

According to Steven Wyer, our society is basically an analog culture trying to function in a digital world and, “unless you are involved with online content, indexing and algorithms on a daily basis like we are at Reputation Advocate it is almost impossible to keep up with the speed of change.”

Steven Wyer spends much of his day explaining the basics to would-be clients. “When we initially speak to most people, the only thing they know to ask is ‘how long does it take?’ and ‘how much does it cost?’” reports Steven Wyer. “I believe it is because the territory they are venturing into is so unfamiliar to them that they don’t know where to begin a discussion.”

“At Reputation Advocate, we start every conversation with the understanding that it takes a certain level of courage to call us and discuss the kinds of unpleasant things that they would prefer not to even think about,” says Steven Wyer. He points to the level of shame and embarrassment that most people carry over all of this. According to Steven Wyer, this holds true for business owners, celebrities, politicians, doctors, students and housewives. The Internet plays no favorites.

Steven Wyer often tells clients that online reputation defense and management is a lot like digital liability insurance. “We spend money to protect ourselves against the unknown and unexpected. We hope that we never need to make a claim for coverage because if we do it means that something bad has happened. But if something unexpected does happen, we are relieved knowing that there is a way to address the unforeseen crisis.” Steven Wyer believes that most people do not realize how exposed they really are until negative content, pictures or public record information appears online.

A background in diversified businesses enables Steven Wyer to empathize with business people that are literally seeing a material loss in their bottom line because of half-truths, lies, deception and slander. “For many professionals these financial losses are not hypothetical. Jobs are lost, promotions impacted, contracts cancelled, market share is redirected and even school scholarships withdrawn all because of something seen on the Internet,” notes Wyer.

Steven Wyer serves as Managing Director of Reputation Advocate, Inc. Located near Nashville Tennessee, the firm services global clients with online reputation management, digital forensic work, critical thinking and defense strategies. “Until our legislative process finds a way to keep pace with linear progression in the growth on Internet technologies we will stay busy,” says Steven Wyer.

“Right now there is a pervasive sweeping immunity for anyone who wants to cloak their identity and attack online. This has to stop,” insists Steven Wyer. From his perspective we have reached a point where our government can no longer adequately protect its citizens. “The burden that this type of thing places on the psyche can not be underestimated,” asserts Wyer. “Many people have so much paranoia that they will not even offer their name as a conversation begins. At the end of the day our work is as much about listening and reassuring people that their issues of concern can be addressed, and that may be the most rewarding part of the job.”

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