What Makes Us Different

We are often asked, what makes you different from other Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) companies? Here are some of the advantages we offer our clients:

We are a family owned business. We have no venture capital sources to report to, no lines of credit that can be altered and we do not have to sacrifice long-term growth for short term cash flow.

We are accessible. Our Managing Director Steven Wyer came into the business because he himself was the victim of damaging and unfair content posted online. You will have his direct phone number and email. What is happening to people like you on the Internet is wrong, and we take it very personally.

We keep your information private. We do not sell our clients’ names. We do not solicit you for third party services. Your information stays where it belongs – with us.

We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our own reputation speaks for itself.

We have traditional banking relationships. You will have recourse if we don’t deliver.

We limit the number of clients we accept monthly. We don’t sacrifice quality for volume.

We consider more than your immediate need. While we understand your urgency to address the negative content, there are additional considerations that deserve attention. Ongoing changes in the way that search engines rank and evaluate content require adaptation in the tools and processes required to succeed.

As you consider online reputation management, take time to think about what you want your end results to look like. Reputation Advocate offers original, high value back links. We request that you review and approve everything created so you have confidence and peace of mind as the work is completed.

In order to structure a successful project, a careful look at the content, site(s) and the linking structure is required. Reputation Advocate offers an evaluation process at no cost to you. If you are being quoted specific costs and time lines during an initial call, move cautiously. Properly evaluating the issues is critical to developing a successful, permanent solution.

Reputation Advocate understands that your situation is unique – there are no cookie cutter solutions. Take a few minutes and discuss your goals with Reputation Advocate. There really is a difference.


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