What You Can Do

You can take control of your online reputation management now.  First, identify the slander that is currently found about you online. Identify the websites that are negatively affecting your online reputation management and carefully read the content. Make note of the errors. Do not respond by filing a rebuttal; it will only validate the slander.

Have the terms and conditions of the website been violated? Scroll to the bottom of each negative site and find the website’s Terms and Conditions. Many times the slander about you violates the sites content parameters and you can address that issue by contacting the website directly.

Own your name. Buy all of the domains for your name, business name and brands by going to GoDaddy.com or NetworkSolutions.com. This will also assist your Google reputation management, your corporate reputation management and all of your business reputation management.

Consider filing a formal trademark. Trademarking your name is a powerful way to guard a business reputation. While search engine reputation management does not recognize a trademark image, violations of your trademark provide grounds for legal action.

Sign up for free online alerts. Services offered by search engines such as Google and Yahoo will automatically notify you by email, instant message, pager or cell phone when search terms you enter are used.

All of these basic steps begin to build a wall of protection around your online reputation.

If you need more help, learn about the online reputation management services offered by Reputation Advocate.


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